Oolit LLC, as a mining enterprise, started its activity in September 1995 with underground mining of the Floka section of the Sokyryany deposit of oolite dust limestones of coral-reef origin of the geological structure of the Lower Sarmatian tier of the Neogene.

      The enterprise carries out the activity according to "STATUTE" - the state registration record №10351050018000084 from 06/25/2014.

      Oolit LLC is a Subsoil User - "Special subsoil use permit" №332 dated September 4, 1995 of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine, extended on the basis of the order of Gosgeonadr dated 08.04.2016 for №129; "ACT on granting a mining allotment" by the State Labor Service of Ukraine dated December 26, 2016 for № 3162.

      On June 2, 2017, the State Labor Service of Ukraine granted "PERMIT № 0078.17.77 for high- risk work " and on September 15, 2017, "PERMIT № 00135.17.77 for operation of high-risk equipment".

       Products of the enterprise from saw oolite limestone    extracted year-round by mining, directly from the rock mass of the first working horizon at a depth of 20 ~ 40 meters from the earth's surface, according to the requirements of the industry standard or norm * - has a universal and diverse application in industry, agriculture and construction.

       In metallurgy, limestone serves as a flux. In the production of lime and cement, limestone is the main component.

       Limestone is used in the chemical and food industries: as an auxiliary material in the production of soda, calcium carbide, fertilizers, glass, sugar, paper.

      It is used in the purification of petroleum products, dry distillation of coal, in the manufacture of paints, mastics, rubber, plastics, soap, medicines, mineral wool, for cleaning fabrics and leather, liming soils.

      Limestone is the most important building material from which it is made   wall stones and blocks , facing slabs, sculptural and architectural and construction products, rubble for the production of concrete and asphalt concrete, railway ballast, foundations and pavements of roads, hydraulic filters, such as rubble for foundations, paving slopes, boards and more.

                 Since the extractive raw materials:

1. in terms of its physical and chemical parameters is environmentally friendly , homogeneous, free of clay particles and any harmful impurities;

2. according to its oolite structure ** is a liquid rock (in Ukraine the extraction of caviar is carried out only by our enterprise );

at the enterprise of LLC Oolit the direction of providing needs of agricultural branch in our high-quality production for production of compound feed for animals and a bird and for its top-dressing of a bird is considered as the most expedient .

      All manufactured products are not exposed to external atmospheric factors. Materials are stored in fractions only in warehouses in the mine at a humidity of 2 ~ 4%.

      Products are shipped to the user in road or rail transport of any kind:

    - in bulk (cars of all brands, with and without a trailer, height not more than 4.0 m);

    - bags (25 ~ 50 kg.) in stacks, containers or on pallets;

    - big bags up to 1.5 tons (lateral loading of cars of all brands with a height of not more than 3.4 m).

(*)   Physico-chemical parameters of extracted raw materials allow the company, by agreement, with the customer to manufacture products under more stringent requirements used in EU countries.

(**) Oolite limestone (synonym - caviar) - an aggregate of spherical or ellipsoidal calcite oolites with a particle size of 1.0 - 2.0 mm, cemented with cryptocrystalline carbonate substance (oolite structure). Oolites have a concentric-zonal, rarely radial-radiant structure, and in the center of each of them is the smallest fragment of shell, sand or grain of calcite.

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