Wall stones

DSTU B B.2.7-246: 2010

used in construction for masonry of walls, partitions and other parts of buildings and structures in accordance with building codes  and regula-tions.


for the production of compound fodder for farm animals and poultry and for feeding poultry.


Purified fodder groats are oolite-limestone of coral-reef origin

I-grade, DSTU 8043: 2015; DSTU 8139: 2015.

for the production of compound feed for farm animals and poultry and for feeding poultry.  


Limestones flux Ч-1 brands

I-grade, SOU MPP 73.080-028: 2004.

for blast furnace production is used as a flux in the blast furnace charge in the composition of agglomerate and pellets, as well as in lump form.  


used in asphalt mixtures designed for construction and repair of pavements and foundations in all road-climatic areas.


used in construction and road construction in all climatic zones of Ukraine.

The products of Oolit LLC from shell limestone are mined all year round by the mine method, directly from the first working horizon of the mountain massif of coral-reef origin, according to the requirements of the relevant industry standard or norm *

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